Three Carved Built-up Models, 2013

Included in Gravity, Long Beach City College Art Gallery, Long Beach, CA, March 27 – May 4, 2013, curated by Habib Kheradyar Zamami

Three Carved Built-up Models ©Margaret Honda 2013

Three Carved Built-up Models (1) ©Margaret Honda 2013

Three Carved Built-up Models (2) ©Margaret Honda 2013

Three Carved Built-up Models (3) ©Margaret Honda 2013

Gravity installation view 1 ©Margaret Honda 2013

Gravity installation view 3 ©Margaret Honda 2013

These two multipart works combine three-dimensional objects and the translation of those objects into images, although in each work the translation is by different means and with different effects.

Frontal Views of Four Circumferential Volumes Clad in Color-aid Papers (actual size), 2012, consists of four unique monochromatic photographic prints, each showing a different polychromed abstract solid. Each photograph looks directly at one face of a solid, a point of view that condenses the volume of the solid into a plane, although the shadow that each solid casts hints at its overall shape.

Three Carved Built-up Models, 2013, is group of abstract foam sculptures placed on mirrors. The view of each sculpture changes as the viewer moves, as is true of its reflection in the mirror it rests on. The reflections show abstract objects, already unfamiliar, from unfamiliar angles. The multiple points of view that each piece invites destabilizes the viewer’s relation to them, making the objects and their reflections even more difficult to read.

Both of the works use a plane surface—a photograph, a mirror—to mediate our experience of abstraction. Both works combine clarity and enigma, but these two kinds of planes produce very different orders of legibility.


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