An Answer to ‘Sculptures’, 2016

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Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen), reel 1 ©Margaret Honda 2016

Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen), reel 1, 28 April to 16 May 2016

323 Rosco E-Colour+ lighting filters, exhibition space; 14 weeks

with special thanks to Claudia Piepenbrock and Felix Luebkemann

An Answer to 'Sculptures,' 2016

Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen), reel 1 ©Margaret Honda 2016

Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen), reel 1 ©Margaret Honda 2016

Score for 'Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen),' ©Margaret Honda 2016

Score for “Film (Künstlerhaus Bremen),” 2016

6 laser prints; 42 x 29.7 cm each

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An Answer to 'Sculptures,'  ©Margaret Honda 2016

An Answer to 'Sculptures,' ©Margaret Honda 2016

(left) Brown Puppy IV, 2007-2014; cotton, polyester, linen, silk, wool; 192 x 110 x 229 cm

(right) Big Mr. Elephant, 2016; cotton, silk, wool; 327 x 314 x 170 cm

Photography:  Marcus Meyer


Contemporary Art Daily, August 2, 2016

Mousse Magazine, July 25, 2016

link to Sculptures, 2015, at Triangle France, Marseille

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