Wildflowers (still).jpg


16mm film, b/w printed on color stock, optical sound, 3 minutes

Narrator:  Morgan Fisher

Sound:  Nigel Lundemo

Wildflowers is shot in 16mm on two fifty-foot Kodachrome magazines. Since Kodachrome color processing ended in 2010 it is only possible to develop it as black-and-white negative, rather than color positive. I set up ten-second shots of different wildflowers that bloom every year in Southern California. Like the Kodachrome itself, the flowers would be drained of the color that is their primary attribute. The negative stock, fifty years past its expiration date and suffering from base degradation, was returned from the lab with no discernible image on either roll. A description of each flower’s color and structure is read by a narrator at the moment when it would have appeared on-screen. The film is a record of something that is disappearing on something that has already disappeared.

Anthology Film Archives, New York, 2022

Harvard Film Archive, 2019

Three States of Cinema: Still Life, Landscape and Portrait, National Portrait Gallery, London, 24 May 2018

Film in the Present Tense, LaborBerlin and University of the Arts, Berlin, 20 October 2017

Iowa City Documentary Film Festival, April 21, 2017

Light Field, Oakland, November 12, 2016

Margaret Honda: Sculptures, Triangle France, Marseille, 2015