Film (Visitor Welcome Center) at Visitor Welcome Center

Film (Visitor Welcome Center) is a set of equal-sized cinematography lighting gels installed on the windows of the gallery according to the manufacturer’s numbering system. Using sunlight, the work is a constantly changing projection that begins on the first day and ends on the last day of the exhibition. The gels’ multiple colors and densities alter the view of the outside world while also transforming the light inside the space.
For Visitor Welcome Center, a set of 90 gel sheets, representing the current stock of Expendables Recycler, is installed as two reels on the gallery’s 62 windowpanes. The first and larger reel runs July 8 through July 22, while the second, smaller one runs July 26 through July 29. If you see both reels, you will see the entire film. If you can only see one reel, the score indicates what is to come or what has transpired.
Film can be made for any space with transparent windows, using a complete set of lighting gels from any manufacturer or supplier, and produced according to the arithmetic that determines the number of reels and the interval between reel changes. In its construction, it is always the same work even if it is different. The elements are predetermined and the location, date, material list, and duration indicate the circumstances of a specific presentation.
Film (Visitor Welcome Center) is on view July 8 through July 29.  Showing concurrently is Film (SpazioA), on view May 14 through September 8 in Waiting for the Sun at SpazioA, Pistoia.

Location: 3006 W 7TH ST STE 200A Los Angeles CA 90005
Exhibition Hours: Wednesday–Saturday, 12–6PM
Metro station Wilshire / Vermont red and purple lines