Film Posters at Treize

May 24 – June 3 2017

24 Rue Moret,
75011 Paris

The exhibition presents for the first time the open series of Margaret Honda’s Film Posters, (2014-ongoing). When Honda began showing her films in 2014, she made posters in advance of the screenings. At a certain point, she fell behind and began making the posters months after a screening had taken place. At the moment, the rationale for the posters is to be a record of events that have already passed rather than an advertisement for something in the present or future. Viewed without the films, they are their own works, not accessories to another work. The posters, whose formats were established with graphic designer Lucas Quigley, have supported this reading from the beginning. The designs do not fully convey the nature of the films, as conventional posters do. There is simply text and color. Importantly, there is no indication of gauge, sound, or running time. The posters refer to concrete facts (date, time, location, title, director) but the films remain an abstraction.

Curated by Pia Bolognesi
Coordinated by Marco Caroti and François Lancien-Guilberteau (The Cheapest University)

Opening: May 24, 6pm

Mousse Magazine