Tina at Spike Berlin

“There is no alternative”
17 September – 25 October 2015
Rosa-Luxemburg Strasse 45
Wednesday – Saturday 12am till 6pm

Tina is
a series of potato chip bags by Nobutaka Aozaki,
some live singing by Nils Bech,
a TV on a nightstand and buttermilk by Juliette Blightman,
a diptych on glass by Croco Chanel,
a mannequin and patches by Manfred Erjautz,
a coloured performance and object by Stano Filko,
two pieces of paper by Margaret Honda,
a chair and a spine by Mikołaj Małek,
a composting device by Bonny Poon,
a shop on shelves by Sarah Staton,
and a commercial by Mitchell Syrop.

Organised by Rita Vitorelli and Christian Kobald with Tenzing Barshee.